Structural Gymnastics Feature in Civil + Structural Engineering Magazine

JML-engineering-articleRecently, Civil + Structural Engineering Magazine printed an article featuring the work of John Looney and JML Engineering on the cover.

We were excited to see OUR work on the front page of your publication, but our name was never mentioned anywhere in the article. We wanted to clarify that we were responsible for the structural gymnastics featured in the cover article and not Arup.

The site is in the middle of busy Dudley Square in Boston Massachusetts. Traffic and construction issues prevented the placing of the wall bracing on the exterior of the building. JML Engineering designed all the bracing needed in the interior of the building. Shawmut Design & Construction and JML Engineering working closely together to coordinate the brace locations to avoid the existing structure and the proposed new structure. This bracing could not interfere with the erection of the structural steel. At some locations the building was so deteriorated additional bracing had to be added to prevent a collapse.

Shawmut was the low bidder on a public bid project with our design the cost of the wall bracing was over million dollars less than other bidders. The City of Boston benefited from these savings.

I would like to state that it was JML Engineering of Winchester MA, not Arup that did the structural design work for the wall bracing featured. Accuracy should be an essential part of any publication.

You can read the full article featuring our work here. Structural Gymnastics


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